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PRR # 128, NB Silver Star at Philadelphia 30th Street 2/26/1966 ADB photo

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Welcome to our web site! Krypton 60 Engineering PC is focused on providing professional engineering and technical services in the railroad and mass transit areas. With 42 years of experience in project management of major Capital projects for a major commuter railroad, along with recent experience in assisting large transportation agencies with security and safety related services- we will do everything we can to assist you in developing custom solutions for your needs.

The founder of the firm, Michael W. Savchak, PE, is a licensed Professional Engineer with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He spent the majority of his career working for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and its constituent agencies, including the New York City Transit Authority and Metro-North Railroad. He specialized in Traction Power, supervising the design, construction, and testing of over 55 DC and AC Traction Power Substations, 140 route miles of contact rail and overhead catenary systems, along with the supporting signal power and high voltage distribution systems. Mr. Savchak also managed numerous infrastructure improvements in Grand Central Terminal involving high voltage distribution, low voltage distribution, steam, compressed air, water, and sanitary systems. He managed the design and installation of a premier Public Address system within the terminal and train shed areas, along with improvements to the ventilation of the Terminal.

With the current emphasis on maintaining the security of the riding public and vital public infrastructure, Mr. Savchak supervised numerous projects involving perimeter protection, including installation of protective bollards, blast protection and CCTV installations. Mr. Savchak has worked closely with FEMA, DHS, Department of State and various Police and Fire agencies, and has prepared many grant applications for funding of the security improvements.

Mr. Savchak has also assisted in the development of emergency evacuation procedures for a major transportation agency. He has also performed management studies of shop facilities for another major transportation agency, as well as performing subject matter expertise to a Federal agency on Positive Train Control. He has also prepared detailed readiness of revenue service reviews for a major subway project for a Federal agency.

Mr. Savchak is a railroad historian as well, and has published numerous articles on railroad history, including a series of articles on the history of cab signal, train stop, and train control systems. A compilation of these articles is available upon request.

A copy of Mr. Savchak's resume is available on this web site.

The web site is currently being constructed and we ask for your patience while we develop the site further.

Please feel free to contact us .at 845 225 1321 or at

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