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Michael W. Savchak P.E.

Krypton 60 Engineering, PC

18 Schuylkill Court

Carmel NY 10512

845 225 1321

845 225 5060 FAX

845 661 3078 Cell


Licensed Professional Engineer with over 42 years of experience managing complex railroad engineering projects involving electric traction, infrastructure, facilities, and security. Responsibilities included project scoping, budget preparation, supervision of design, and construction management.

Significant expertise in planning, and managing projects on active, heavily trafficked railroads. Worked successfully with utilities, governmental agencies and freight railroads.

Excellent verbal and writing skills.

Work History

Principal (2011-Present)

Krypton 60 Engineering PC

Carmel, NY

Krypton 60 Engineering PC is a vehicle by which Mr. Savchak's experience can be used to assist Engineering and Design firms with design and construction issues involving railroad and mass transit infrastructure and security projects. His years of experience in managing major projects for Metro-North Railroad have given him a unique understanding of how major projects get implemented in a cost effective manner in an operating environment.

Currently, he is assisting a major Engineering firm working on a project for a major transportation agency in the Northeast US.

Deputy Director-Transportation Engineering (1989 to 2010)

Assistant Director-Power (1985 to 1989)

Engineer-Power (1983 to1985)

Metro-North Railroad, New York, NY

Duties involved the management of Capital Projects involving electric traction and facilities infrastructure. Major projects included:

  • Design and construction of 51 DC Traction Power Substations.
  • Design of 13 DC Traction Power Substations.
  • Design and construction of new and replacement third rail for 100 route miles of multi tracked railroad.
  • Design and construction of a replacement catenary system for 30 miles of multi tracked railroad.
  • Design and construction of three AC Traction Equalizing substations.
  • Design of a replacement 138 KV to 27 KV system supply station.
  • Comprehensive modernization of high tension electrical distribution network in Grand Central Terminal.
  • Comprehensive modernization of infrastructure including steam, low voltage electric, chilled water, domestic water and hot water heating in Grand Central Terminal.
  • Design and installation of various emergency diesel generators in Grand Central Terminal and outlying facilities.
  • Development of the scope of work and management of a comprehensive Traction Power study for Metro-North to determine current and future needs. This work involved the management of a multidisciplinary team from various railroad operating and maintenance departments. It also involved coordination with AMTRAK, the State of Connecticut and major utilities.
  • Development and management of a Value Engineering process for Metro-North Railroad.
  • Developed scopes of work and implemented various security related efforts involving perimeter protection, fire and life safety, blast protection and perimeter control for Grand Central Terminal, Park Avenue Tunnel and various outlying facilities.
  • Management of design and installation of a new Public Address system in Grand Central Terminal.
  • Preparation of detailed funding requests to various Federal agencies, including Federal Transit Administration, Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security.
  • Providing training in managing internal and external security for security sensitive materials.
  • Serving as the engineering liaison between Metro-North and various utilities and government agencies, including City of New York, Consolidated Edison, New York State Electric and Gas, New York Independent System Operator, New York Power Authority, and various local municipalities.
  • Design and partially implementation of improvements to ventilation systems within Grand Central Terminal and the Park Avenue Tunnel.

Overall value of projects managed is approximately $1,000,000,000.00

Directly responsible for managing a staff of 4 to 5 individuals.

Engineer-Power (1978 to 1983)

Metropolitan Transportation Authority

New York, NY

Contract Administrator (1976 to 1978)

Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority

Buffalo, NY

Assistant Electrical Engineer (1972 to1976)

New York City Transit Authority


BS Electrical Engineering 1972 Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn

Professional Registration

Licensed Professional Engineer since 1981

Active registration: New York State

Inactive registration: State of Connecticut, State of New Jersey


Author of numerous articles in various professional and historical publications dealing with railroad technology and history, including the history of Cab Signal, Train Control, and Train Stop systems in the US. Has given numerous presentations on various aspects of project management and engineering methodology.


References are available upon request

Why us?

While there are many engineering consultants, few have the concentrated knowledge and specific experience that is possessed by Mr. Savchak. Having worked for a major transportation agency, he is familiar with the unique issues that a project manager faces and is sensitive to the various forces that affect a projects progress.

Working on an operating railroad or a transit property has its own set of challenges, including safety protocols, knowledge of operations and familiarity with labor issues. Proper identification of these issues and development of project guidelines at an early stage of a project will do much to ensure an on time, within budget project completion.

Please review the attached resume for further details of Mr .Savchak's experience.

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